Talent is everywhere opportunity is not . 

Movist mission: the creation of a more inclusive and sustainable society improving and connecting life opportunities of people who have mobile devices connected to the internet from anywhere in the world.

The rewarding of talent and the encouragement of creativity directed at harnessing the power of mobile devices for good use. A just and diverse global community.

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Inequality Opportunities is an important concern for the social users. 


Talent Disconnected Worldwide with the audience and the industry infrastructure.


A creative society in all areas and under not equal conditions.


Losses of talent is an important concern for the worldwide industry. 


There is a digital exclusion and harassment in all areas: employment, education, art, health, socially and culturally.

Just use your smartphone!

Our mission is to help people bring creative
projects to life.

We aim to create a more inclusive and sustainable society and network which increases the opportunities of people connected to the internet through mobile devices anywhere in the world. We seek to reward talent and to encourage the creativity of those who wish to harness the power of mobile devices for constructive purposes. We envision a just and diverse global community and generational identity.

millions of unique smartphone users
of the population with a mobile



Movist has been established to monitor, promote, stimulate a more creative society under equal conditions. Reward talent in the development of ideas and projects by and for mobile devices.


Manage, inspire, promote, divulge, protect and defend the artistic, cultural and historical – technological heritage created by and for mobile devices.



Provide opportunities to the creatively restless in order to share and present their work before professionals of different disciplines, opening new opportunities for all. 

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Our festivals around the world are created with a unique objective: to meet each other, to give to the movilievers and their mobile audience the power to build a community and to join them through the festivals, physically and not virtual (online). We generate the links between cultures and ideologies within a healthy democracy based on the rules and regulations of the Movilfirst’s calls.


About Movist Festival

An update on our continuity strategy during COVID-19 Coming soon

Right from the onset, we received registrations from diverse countries such as Spain, Hungary, Mexico, Russia, The United States, Senegal, France, Argentina, and others. This has lead us to design a mobile festival format with the mission of becoming a social experience with workshops, activities, art exhibitions, concerts, awards, connections, panels, exhibits. projections and more.

The mobile cities & destinations are the meeting points of audiovisual content, created primarily for distribution and consumption through mobile terminals connected to the Internet. Each Movilfirst Festival bears the name of the city or country of its host.

The objective is to position the city and link directly to its culture and tourism. We select local artists in honor of the talent of the city that welcomes us and we ask them to interpret the concept of the event, which contributes to promotion of local creativity, its idiosyncrasy and its culture. One of the artists is then chosen to make the poster representing the event. Likewise, the local commissioner, together with the direction of the festival, decides the slogan that promotes the tourist and cultural destination.

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